Idiotically deleted partition thinking it was a new drive I’d just installed – best software to recover it?

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I installed a new hard drive into my windows PC and went into disk management to initialise and format it so I could use it. For some reason known only to my brain, I mistook 2 existing drives I use for data storage as the new drive and deleted the partitions (thinking for some reason the new drive was split into 2 partitions). I normally know better than this but something that took a few seconds to do now needs un-doing as quickly and low cost as possible (but I need all the data recovered, which I would assume I should be able to do as I've only deleted the partition and not formatted anything).

Some Googling later showed a lot of different software that can recover the data and all at varying prices. The sheer volume of software is confusing and I have no idea which is the best one to use. The data is valuable to me, and whilst I do have a backup, it's not a complete backup so will lose quite a bit of data if I can't recover what's on the drives. I've seen quite a few at the £99/$99 mark which is quite expensive for me (such as prosoft data rescue). I've also seen a cheaper one which is Acronis disk director. Are either of these any good? Are there others I should look at?

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Disappearing Act

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My desktop BIOS failed and had starting booting from backup (dual bios).

Pulled the 500GB W10 SATA HD which also had all my work files on on it and sent the machine to repair shop, and also asked them to install new 1TB HD with W10 as the other drive was almost full and was two years old.

Desktop repaired and working great. I put the old W10 HD into the USB dock to transfer work files (photoshop, illustrator etc) to new computer. I can see the drive, through explorer, through disk management. I can see all the old Windows and other standard files. What I cannot find is my work files!

I have looked all through the drive. All my files were saved in folders directly on desktop for ease of access. I have enabled "Show hidden files and folders". I have even searches for specific file formats (*.psd, *.eps) etc. Nothing comes back! I have used this dock with several other older hard drives and it is working fine. This drive has been safely stored at home by me, it didn't go to the repair shop with the computer. This was my first time accessing the drive since I disconnected it.

I can't understand why all those files and folders would just disappear? Why is it only my personal files that are affected? Are they gone? What am I missing? I'd appreciate any help.

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Accidentally E-Drive got Formatted too to ext3/4 from NTFS somehow while Installing Linux Mint.

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  1. I formatted C-drive with Windows USB Bootable.
  2. It said cannot install Windows 10 because type/format is MBR. GPT format is required.
  3. I said screw it.
  4. I tried to boot Bootable Pendrive – Linux Mint Cinnamon 64 bit.
  5. I tried installing on C-drive i.e., primary partition. It gave errors of various kinds.
  6. Restarted PC , to find out that one of the secondary partitions E-Drive is formatted to ext3/4 file system and data is lost too.
  7. I got an external HDD too, I can backup the recovered files into it. But Linux Mint liveUSB is not mounting the external HDD, sometimes.
  8. I need HELP RECOVERING formatted/deleted partition data. (I guess some ext3/4 file recovery softwares ? Or NTFS recovery software or any other software, I am totally unaware and totally Newb)

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Minitool data recovery recovering system image is acting strange?

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I have accidentally wiped my external harddrive in cmd clean image delete. I am trying to recover the files with minitool data recovery. My hardrive had a system image backup on it as well as some normal files. It has 1TB of space the scan shows that 3.06TB of files have been found. I have been recovering files overnight its found many many partitions and i am up to 8 now and maybe only 30%done its being saved on a seperate harddrive which has enough space for this but when i have looked through the files its a lot of dir files and what seems like aingle system folders with random system files. I have found a couple of folders which i recognise as my documents say they contain jpeg but when i try open them it says system files not supported. Really worried about this so far, is this normal, or should i use a different program?

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A Comparison Between OneDrive for Business and SharePoint

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With OneDrive for Business and SharePoint offering centralized storage facilities with many similar benefits, many users are in doubt regarding which is the best for them. Though both these platforms are from Microsoft and are similar, they are not the same. They are designed for distinct purposes, though they complement each other to meet the…

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How to find files affected affected by bad sectors? (CD/DVD -> iso9660, udf filesystems)

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Cheers, I'm reading old optical discs back onto spinning rust, and predictably hit a few unreadables. I'm using GNU ddrescue to read as much as possible from the discs while keeping track of unread/unreadable areas on each disc. (And multiple drives, and toothpaste 😀 )

Is there a way to turn the recovered image and ddrescues's logfile into a list of files that reside in the unread sectors? (Case in point – don't want to spend hours trying to recover all data from a game disk if that missing data is an easily obtainable directx runtime installer; Or, which of these video do I need to re-download, drop from collection, etc.)


I'm looking for the mapping feature separately because I'm used to that workflow from using ddrescue + debugfs. Apparently, Isobuster should be able to do both, but is windows-only, and apparently works with its own "managed image format". Does anyone have experience with this? I'm definitely not looking forward to spending yet more hours to let isobuster acquire the hardly-readable data I already have.

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Harddrive suddenly stopped being detected by my windows 10 system.

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Harddrive suddenly stopped being detected by my windows 10 system.

It's a WD harddrive with 3 terabytes space. It's been making some noises but was working fine. Then all of a sudden when I try to access it, it shows the error 'the parameter is incorrect' then I google some fixes and see the command chkdsk /f and run that. restart my system and my harddrive just currently stops showing up. Then I google some solutions. None of them work though,

When I try to initialiaze disk it shows this

When I check the properties it shows this.

From a fix I found online I saw this but it doesn't work.

I downloaded a file recovery software and I can see all my files. I just can't access them. Please can anyone help me or upvote and comment so more people will see this.

more pictures if they're helpful. This shows on my device manager

I have updated my driver, restarted my computer, checked the harddrive on other systems and it still doesn't work.

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