File accidentally replaced on Citrix using Windows desktop PC. Is the file recoverable?

So my dad is working from home and has been doing his work on a work desktop PC through a workspace program called Citrix.

Found out this morning that my dad had accidentally replaced the file he was working on with a new blank file. This new blank file has the same name as his original file. Properties of the new file is also showing its creation and modified time/date as the time of the creation of the new file.

There is no undo option available; I also tried Windows + Z with the file open, didn't work.

So far I have been unable to find the file in AppData, unable to find it in the Recover unsaved documents option (or folder location), there are no files showing in the file's restore previous versions option.

Have yet to try any recovery based third-party applications.

Is it possible to recover the replaced file? If so, any recommended applications? Preferably free if possible.

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How to Move IMAP OST File to Outlook 2016 PST?

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I recovered my files from an external Drive and I need help with this

I recovered my files from an external Drive and I need help with this

Basically, I somehow lost access to my External Drive and had to Format it. I waited like 4 hours for this entire thing to be recovered using the app "Recover my Files"
However, now when I wanna save my files, it's asking me for a username and an activation key which I dont have.

I've been panicking because this is my dad's External drive and there's a lot of important stuff in it, and now im being locked behind a paywall.

screenshot I took ^

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Formatted an SD card for my Gopro

I in a hurry pressed ok to format my Sd card. I had recorded 2 days of my trip and of course the go pro didn’t back it up to the cloud. It’s all videos of my family so really important to me. After it was formatted however I recorded about 30 min of video. There was already several hours of footage on there. Is there anyway to recover the MP4s?

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How to Set Up a POP Email Account in Mozilla Thunderbird?

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Server and laptop recovery in Dallas area (recovery for a business following father’s death)

A good friend of mine recently had his father die unexpectedly. His father had a small successful business and he needs to get access to a server and a couple of laptops so that he can follow up on some details (pay bills, contact customers, then perhaps eventually sell the business). His father didn't leave any records with the passwords.

I'm not sure who to send him to.

He contacted me because he was thinking that perhaps someone with a background in forensics might have the skills to help. I'm thinking he just might need someone with data recovery skills and some system administration skills (enough to reset passwords on the laptops and the Windows Server).

Would you all know where I could send him to get some help? He is in the Dallas area and is willing to take a day trip to meet with people accordingly. I don't necessarily need specific people or organizations, pointers would be fine (i.e. try another Reddit group or a working group etc.).

He can provide details to prove that the requests are legitimate (the business is being transferred to him but the process is not done yet).

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