10 Drive RAID6 failure and clean room recovery attempt.

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Have a client that has a 10 drive RAID 6 that is for VM storage, that was allowed to get way too hot. The room was well into the upper 80's when things went South. At least 4 of the drives have errored out. So I decided to send this off for recovery.

The drives were quickly received where I sent them, and a diagnostics was performed. The place that I sent the drives to found everything from Read/Write errors to 'Severe Platter Damage'. This was no surprise.

Now here is what I am a little aggravated about. I discussed with the initial contact everything that was going on, and how many drives had failed and decent description of what I had encountered. I was then given a expected cost of what it would cost. Yeah, it was pricey, but I already expected it to cost a decent amount. Well, after 'diagnostics' were preformed, and having a discussion with a 'Data Recovery Specialist', I was given an amount that was as high as 10+ TIMES more then even the high end of the discussed amount before sending the drives in. The initial contact should have already known what to expect when they received these drives from my description and been able to verbally quote accordingly.

The price I was quoted shows 150-200 hours minimum [up to 350 hours?] of work to recover the data from this RAID 6. At $100-$150/hr, that adds up quick.

What I am trying to figure out, is what people have seen for recovery of similar experiences. From what I have already heard from others, is that they have seen more complicated setups with more damage, cost half of what I am being quoted. I guess I need to send these off to a different recovery business and see what another place says before doing anything.

Looking for suggestions of US Based recovery professionals to do this work.

Thank you….

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