3.5″ Toshiba Recovery advice

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A friend asked me to recover his data on his toshiba. This is the first time ive been unable to access the data with third party software or by moving the actuator off the platters. Drive is clicking and i believe it to be the actuator heads. In the past I've been able to recover data anyway but most of my programs are getting stuck at startup whenever drive is active. i got it to appear in disk drill once but the runtime said 24hrs and i did not think the drive would make it through the process. I believe he kept trying to boot it for a long while after it failed which is making it so difficult. at this point id hate to send him to someone who is going to charge $500+ for recovery especially when a spare parts drive would be very cheap and ive already invested in renewing my license with data recovery software. should i replace the actuator/heads or should i just recommend he send it to a professional? my biggest concern doing it myself is i do not have a clean room or lab to work in, just my normal shop. Any advice is welcome

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