4TB internal hddrive – failing when trying to copy certain data / how to recover?

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Need some advice – I have a 4TB seagate hddrive that's locking up. I saw it was starting to fail when I noticed it was using 100% of disk power for no reason. I removed it and stuck it into an external hddrive enclosure and I've been trying to recover the data – I have some really important stuff on there!

Unfortunately, when I do – within about 2-5 minutes and usually if I'm trying to copy specific things (e.g. they are corrupt), I hear a clicking noise and then the drive disconnects either with an error "usb not recognized" or just by disappearing.

Prior to accessing the data, I can see the directory/file folders but if I try to click into certain ones it locks up again.

Any suggestions on the best way for me to recover this? I got quoted $1200 for recover (to replace driver heads? not sure if that's what is wrong) and since I can see the file folders at least for a bit; I was thinking maybe I could do this with software at home first.

Any advice would be super appreciated!!

Edit: Tried to run GetDataBack and it hangs in trying to grab the sectors/then the drive disconnects!

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