~50GB bad sector, 500GB HDD, ddrescue, temperature

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I am recovering a HDD which usually randomly died whilst inside windows.

S. meters. a. r. t information showed that it had a wide range of bad sectors, so i started up an old parted magic distro and updated ddrescue and ddrescue-GUI.

It required about half a day to get to 70% and another 12h in order to ~90%. After that it took almost 4 days to get to ~92%

At that point i decided to make an copy of the generate i cloned the data to. And voila there was lots of data on it (partition had been still broken, so i utilized some random software to check out the data)

When i turned on ddrescue with the mapping document afain it suddenly recovered 6% in about 10 to 15 minutes, tge only distinction was the temperature of the generate. Is temperature a factor to think about when recovering a HDD? Should i try to cool the particular HDD down a little bit? (To get the last ~2% which includes luck)

Room temperature is certainly abou 18 to twenty C (about 66F)

Would you guys have any recommendations on Software to maybe repair the partition to have the filestructure back? Or at least to recuperate the data from the cloned data?

Images of drive plus terminal output of ddrescue: https://ibb.co/y5nvZrQ


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