Accidentally delete partition during windows install

admin 03 Jun , 2022 0 Comments data recovery


I did so a couple of bone headed factors. Firstly I deleted the partition of the wrong generate that I was looking to do a clean install of home windows 11 on. Secondly, after having look it up I could see someone recommend testdisk. I actually went through doing so in the within the program (not instructions were given) and went to recover the partition table and I think what it did instead was just create a new one particular. Now I can access the drive in Windows yet it’s blank.

Is there a way to rebuild the old partition table after having done the above?

If the answer is no, exactly what would be my best option when it comes to data recovery? Ideally something that also restures the file structure as just getting the files back is kind of useless for my purposes.

I don’t have written anything onto the particular drive but I did consider recurva before it strung at 4% for several hrs. I don’t know whether or not that hoses my chances of getting the drive back as it was.

Thanks for your help in advance.

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