Accidentally E-Drive got Formatted too to ext3/4 from NTFS somehow while Installing Linux Mint.

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  1. I formatted C-drive with Windows USB Bootable.
  2. It said cannot install Windows 10 because type/format is MBR. GPT format is required.
  3. I said screw it.
  4. I tried to boot Bootable Pendrive – Linux Mint Cinnamon 64 bit.
  5. I tried installing on C-drive i.e., primary partition. It gave errors of various kinds.
  6. Restarted PC , to find out that one of the secondary partitions E-Drive is formatted to ext3/4 file system and data is lost too.
  7. I got an external HDD too, I can backup the recovered files into it. But Linux Mint liveUSB is not mounting the external HDD, sometimes.
  8. I need HELP RECOVERING formatted/deleted partition data. (I guess some ext3/4 file recovery softwares ? Or NTFS recovery software or any other software, I am totally unaware and totally Newb)

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