Accidentally Formatted Drive

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Hello Everyone,


As the name says, I accidentally formatted my drive. Specifically, it had been through the Windows Media Creation tool. I think this was called a quick format? But not really a full format as it only took seconds. Currently, it really is in an uninitialized state.

I’ve already study past posts involving accidentally formatted drives, including the guideline by /u/Zorb750 , and I wanted some reassurance that these would be the right next steps, I guess.


The drive itself is a 6 TB Seagate Ironwolf HDD (ST6000VN001) in NTFS that probably had around ~250 gigabytes left. I left this plugged into my computer for approximately 1 – 1 . five hours after formatting mainly because I was reinstalling windows, using Recuva on another SOLID STATE DRIVE (formatted this one too, yet I’m not worried about it), and did not know better.

Next Steps

So after reading over some posts and comments, I’ve decided on using GetDataBack, since the drive was in NTFS. I have already purchased plus initialized an identical HDD to recover my files onto. Unfortunately, I am not too acquainted with using Linux, so might I still need to develop a clone of the patient generate? Any other tips or comments would be appreciated.

Thank you

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