Aged Porsche Lacie HD found in basement – need help in order to recover some files

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Hi all
I found a few weeks ago in my grandmotrher basement and old Lacie Porsche external drive of mine – I believe last period it was used could have been 2009. After asking around every now and then, I managed to open it plus access is via usb with a sata/usb adapter.
I had a look inside which is the drive

The drive works and it makes the correct sounds but it doesn’t show the correct size and I cannot gain access to the files, windows views the correct size of the high-definition but then when I open it actually is just. trash and some bare directories

Here is what I have done so far:

  1. had a look via windows disc manager, the disk is just 70gb for windows storage manager!

  2. had a look with recuva – it founds thousands of files, many of them overwritten, some of them still intact plus ok to recover but it has the all very random, plus the names are not the original files’ names

  3. had a look with mini tool partition wizard – the programs can scan and see all the documents and the directories, it would consider 1h: 30min to run the entire scan but what I noticed is enough to show me I remember properly and this was my aged /documents directory which I recently lost in an hard disk failing

  4. tried to use WD resources but it doesn’t even view it

  5. tried to see with laptop computer on debian, the weirdness is even grater since linux sees more stuff, some files (some of these are full videos, i could ven open one also it was pristine) but nothing a lot more

Any suggestions?
I cannot work on the image since I tend not to own such a big storage, in any case the contents are mostly videos I am not fascinated on, it’s more some documents and images I would like to try to salvage!

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