Any alternatives to UFS Explorer to reconstruct a RAID 0?

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Hello everyone,
A while ago I set up a RAID 0 using Windows 10 built-in feature, with two 500 GB SSDs. A few weeks ago my PSU just died and killed my motherboard too, which means I can't even make it to the BIOS.
Now I know you're thinking that I'm just another imprudent user who didn't bother making backups.
I did so I don't care much if no one is able to help, but I would still like to retrieve the data.
The two SSDs are in perfect condition and when I plugged both as USB drives on another computer, UFS Explorer could immediately read the 1 TB partition and let me explore the folders.
Unfortunately, the trial version only allows the copy of very light files. This bothers me because most of the files on my RAID are between 0.2 and 1 GB.

Is there any piece of software that I could use that would let me retrieve a TB worth of data without paying?
And if you don't know, what are your go-to solutions software-wise regardless of the price?

Thanks and have a nice day!

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