Any automation to powercycle PCIe SSD for recovery?

admin 16 Jun , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

I’m aiming to automate the recovery of the broken APPLE SSD SM0512G (samsung) that only deposits like 1GB and after which the device gives read errors.

Right now You will find the SSD on a PCIe adapter, start DDrescue plus dump it until starts giving read errors. Halt the dump, power computer down. Remove power. Wait a few minutes, power up, check if it’ gets recoginized and start get rid of again.

So i am thinking a very weird aproach with homeassistant. When the drive starts giving errors stop the dump, shutdown the pc and active a timer to (turn off, wait around 5min, turn on).
After the rest period, the pc get power and boots. Script checks for drive and start the cycle once again.

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