Are ALL data recovery services f*cking scammy and deceiving or what?

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So I dropped my gf's hard drive. We're both broke students but I still want to pay for the data recovery (it contains a lot of very important stuff, both personal and uni stuff). So I tried to search for data recovery services on Google: all of them seem to offer an initial price and then to raise the fuck out of it. So I found one that seemed to be more sincere. I sent it to them. Surprise: from the initial price of 250 euros it went to 1000 or more euros. Then they do the thing where they tell you the price excluding VAT. What is going on? Are they trying to trap clients or what? They made me lose money and time by shipping the hd to them. They don't even say why the price is now 4 times bigger.

So now I'm desperate. Does anybody know a data recovery service that will not try to rape me and my wallet? I'm in Italy but any service in Europe will do. I can spend like a couple of hundreds of euros.

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