Are unable to recover data from SOLID STATE DRIVE Drive

admin 14 Jun , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

Hello Guys.

I need your help on the situation I am. I utilized RUFUS on a SSD in order to flash Windows to Go but forgot to backup the particular files first.

I know I had around 100GB of data there and the disk now has just 8GB of data. So my assumption is that I can have lost or corrupted only 8GB from 100GB as Rufus performed only Quick Format and repartition.

Now, I have tried Wondershare RecoverIt, EaseUs plus DiskDrill and none of them displays any data found from the SSD except of those 8GB which do exists on File Explorer as well.

Is there anything I am missing, as for me I actually still believe an amount of 90GB should be there untouched yet.

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