[BEGINNER] r studio is scanning but I can already see all my files, should I stop the scan?

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I'm using r studio to scan my 2.5/5TB raw hard drive, and I found 99,9% of what I had. There is just one photo folder around 100mb with a red cross next to it, but it's unimportant compared to everything else. But now I can't recover my files yet because the analysis is still going on. I checked on the bottom and it's written ~20gb (~34000000 sectors). I'm using ~ because the number are changing. So does this mean I have to wait for the entirety of my hard drive to be scanned (ie 2.5TB)? I can stop the analysis and it tells me I can continue later on whenever I want.

Can someone tell me what is exactly happening right now? Because I see ALL my files so I'm thinking I could just stop this and start copying my files to my other hard drive. Or is this analysis in fact getting my files, and what I'm seeing right now are what files I'll be able to get once the analysis is over?

I hope this make sense, thanks!

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