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I see allot of reviews and "best" ranking lists but was hoping to get some opinions from people that actually have used such software professionally and give their opinion on this.

After looking at reviews and lists I will probably get Stellar as it seams like a robust system. Just sad it is subscription and not a one off purchase.

My use case is, I have a small IT business where i help clients with their everyday home IT needs. From repair to settings things up, mentoring and giving lessons about cyber security etc.

It is a gig i do on the side at this stage but hope to build up over time. I do have allot of clients approach me with corrupted drive or accidental deleted files which they want recovered so I am looking at purchasing a professional solution. At this stage it is only a small amount of clients.

I like how stellar claims to also be able to repair corrupted images and media files which is usually the type of data which clients are after but i also read reviews that it can struggle with word document files.

I would most likely get stellar premium/technician unless i get convinced otherwise.

also if any one knows Also I do run Windows and Mac at home but my windows machine is more powerful. So would i need a separate subscription to retrieve data from a drive fro ma MAC machine or is it just the OS it will run on?

Thanks allot in advance

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