Best Solutions for Recovering HDD Data

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I had a 2 TB Samsung hard drive laying around that I was supposed to put in my PS4. Sold the PS4 and decided to use the hard drive as an external one for my files. I bought a Sabrent enclosure off of Amazon, popped the HDD in and it worked like a charm.

Fast forward to yesterday and I am transferring files off my Mac to the drive, walk out of the room to let it do it’s thing, walk back in and my computer died with the drive plugged in.

This has happened before so I try and run first-aid on my Mac but it almost immediately says the first-aid process failed. So I plugged it into my Windows laptop and the scan and repair process started working on it. The problem now is that it has been scanning and repairing at what appears to be 100% for about eight hours now.

Is this normal? Should I keep waiting? Is it safe to cancel this process without damaging the disk even further? Data recovery services appear to be super expensive so are there any other options I can exhaust before that?

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