Bit Locker Stuck Windows 10

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TL: DR – Bitlocker encryption failed on external HDD, getting check hard drive error at 76% – cant access files, despite having password and recuperation key. Important/Critical data on it as I was doing a clean system setup.

posted in some various other tech forums but this particular subreddit seemed to make sense too,

Hello, has been setting up a new windows 10 system and while encrypting through Bitlocker one of my External HDDs bitlocker is trapped at 76percent < 400GB>. The other pen drive had been 100% encrypted and functions fine.

Will not allow me to open the drive and the minute I plug it in it suspends operations on the pc.

I have each password and recovery key and tried a few manage-bed things in CmD because admin.

-unlock: works but still can’t open up the drive to view documents -pause: does nothing (hangs) -chkdsk: does nothing (hangs)

When I say suspend, the system will resume normal operation second I remove the affected disk.

If I unlock via the home windows interface either with password or recovery key this immediately goes to Encryption(not responding) and another notification the fact that disk has errors. Running scan and fix will not do anything b suspend the system until I take away the disk.

Any suggestions before I spend 169 usd to bit locker recovery software? Essential data on that disk – it was my main backup folder and it is a fresh install so there is no alternative

Modify: downloaded iboysoft (i know its garbage) but I can at the very least see my internal drive structure intact. Pictures are being previewed too. How can i get fucking bitlocker in order to either complete encryption, or let me access my data files so I can copy all of them elsewhere?

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