Boot SSD converted to RAW, other PC does not recognize it.

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Windows 10, Sandisk SSD Plus 240GB

Long story short, somehow my boot SSD converted to RAW. I plugged it into my laptop with a SATA to USB adapter and it will briefly show up in File Explorer as local disk F: however, File Explorer then loads for about 20 minutes, and then the drive disappears. If you click on the drive, File Explorer will become unresponsive. During this loading time, the drive will also appear in Device Manager, but has the same issue (opening properties will crash Device Manager). It also shows up in EaseUS as a "Lost Partition" but again, as soon as File Explorer loads, it disappears.

Is there even a chance to recover the data if Windows doesn't even detect the drive? BIOS on my desktop will detect it as a boot drive, but won't boot. I don't understand why Windows won't detect it, it doesn't ever show up in Disk Manager either.

Looking for any advice here..

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