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Here's the situation

-After around a year and a half of use (WD Blue 1TB SATA SSD) wouldn't boot into Windows and would give me a Windows automatic repair loop.
-Trying to install a new installation of Windows without deleting files wasn't possible due to the SSD being in some kind of format that wouldn't let me do that (forgot what the actual format was)
-In the meantime changed out every PC component I had excluding GPU and installed Windows on a new WD Black SN750 NVME SSD.
-Plugging SATA SSD in would allow me to browse files normally. Didn't do anything else to it with the expectation to get the files off of it before a full re-format.
-After a week or so my NVME also went into an automatic repair loop.
-Reinstalling windows fixed it.
-After another week the PC turned off and would not even recognize the NVME as a boot drive on further startups until I took out the SATA, now it works fine again.
-Plugged SATA SSD in through a USB dongle, it now displays as unallocated.
-I foolishly initialized the drive.
-I then proceeded to plug it back into the SATA port and seeing how it showed up in the BIOS I tried to reclaim the data with ReclaiMe, it found around 600Gb of data, not sure if it's everything or not, haven't exported it because I want to try data recovery with a cheaper tool like DMDE seeing how I don't have a license for either as of now.

Should I proceed with my plan? Can I still use this SSD after a re-format? I don't plan on keeping any other data on it besides games since I have more storage now so if it dies on me it's fine, but I'm worried as it seems to be affecting other drives somehow.

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