Can anyone help me via advice/explanation restore the data from the harddrive memory of my Phone “LG G6”? PLEASE ! It is REALLY important.

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I REALLY need help! I don't even know if this is the right place for asking something like this but I am so lost with this problem for so long.

3 years ago, I knocked angrily on the screen of my LG G6, asking if it's stupid. Wich must have hurt his feelings, because half the screen went white for 3-4 seconds & then black. Since then it won't boot, it won't make any noise/vibration, it won't show up if plugged into a pc, it only gets warm sometimes. 3 weeks later both of my grandparents died, wich wasn't so hard for me as for my mum. I need to get the data restored because, on said Phone are the last pictures we made, wich are also the ONLY digital pictures/videos we ever made. Since then, I went to every " Phone Repair shop" I could find. Some guessed it could be that my "knocking" had somehow loosened the main processor on the motherboard BUT since the phone showed no sings of damaging, none of them were able to tell me what damage I had done or how it could be fixed.

What could I have possibly done, to the phone ?

This download link leads to photos showing every part of said LG G6 ince I don't have Dropbox or Google drive. I hope this is okay but if not, tell me. I will do everything to provide what I can to get this finally done.

One shop told me, for 450€ they could "try" soldering of the " memory related " parts from the motherboard wich they " maybe " possible to restore externally. They also told me that there's a 50:50 chance to completely destroy the memory unit in the process.

I respectfully rejected that offer.

What CAN I DO to get at least the data back? It is okay for me to completely obliterate the rest of the phone if I necessary.

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