Can I recover data from Macbook Pro after restoring to old backup?

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Hey everyone,

So I had a big problem recently. My 2015 Macbook Pro Retina decided to start having troubles starting. It would enter a restart loop and Apple suggested that I enter recovery mode and restore to an older backup. I plugged in my external harddrive that should have been saving backups periodically. When I entered the recovery mode to recover to a backup I selected the most recent one, thinking it was June 2021. It was actually June 2020. I'm not sure why it didn't have anything newer because all my settings for time machine are setup to backup automatically.

Anyways, it recovered to the June 2020 backup. When I realized what had happened I started freaking out because I had a lot of important files on my harddrive before everything went to shit. Is there a way to recover those lost files after restoring to a year old backup? I have tried using EaseUS Recovery, and while it finds a lot of files, it doesn't seem to find anything that is newer than June 2020. I am specifically looking to recovery 100gb of video footage.

I don't know if this is important but last year I had ordered a 1TB hard drive to install into my macbook pro to expand the on board storage. It had be transfer everything from my old hard drive to the new one and then install it. I've noticed that when I restored to the 2020 recovery, it was before all of that happened. Let me know if there is any way to recover my old files.

Accidentally restored to a year old backup (June 2020) and need to recover files from June 2021.

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