Can I recover my digital movie files?

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I had quite a few movies (close to 100) on a 3TB external hard drive and needed a recovery/boot drive for a other laptop that had stopped working one day.

My first step was to create a backup (im guessing of my working laptop i was using at the time) and then created a boot drive for the laptop that wasn't working.

Get the 2nd laptop working again, and I check my hard drive, and can't find the movies anywhere. I'm having a hard time finding anything even using Recupa.

The squirrely thing is when the external hard drive is plugged in and I check its properties, its lists the drive as only 31.9 GB capacity. I can't find any way to restore previous versions or even view the rest of the drive outside of the 31.9 that's listed.

I really don't want to do a hard format to get the space back and start ripping dvd from scratch. Any help is greatly appreciated or if this isn't the right spot, ease point me in the right direction.

P.s. moneys tight, so I'm looking for a free program or a method to recover 200gb of video files. Thank you!

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