Can someone please help?

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Greetings to all,

I sent a 1tb hard drive to a site in Los Angeles ($300 Data Recovery) and after examining it they answered these,

• PLATTER/MEDIA HARM (e. g., scratched platter or degraded magnetic surface). The " platters" within your drive are what store the magnetic 1' s and 0' s which make up your data. When the platters turn out to be damaged or worn, several of your data is likely to be unrecoverable. The particular platters can become damaged as a result of jolt/drop causing the heads to crash onto them — physically " scratching" the area. Also, over time, platters may degrade and eventually start to shed information. WE BELIEVE THERE IS NO POSSIBILITY OF GETTING YOUR DATA BACK AGAIN EVEN USING A MORE EXPENSIVE INFORMATION RECOVERY COMPANY. Given the damage, we think recovery will be extremely hard no matter how much you' lso are willing to pay

Can someone confirm that what they told me is usually 100% true? Thanks

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