Can there be any recovery software that will grabs everything regardless of whether the particular paths are intact : like PhotoRec – but nevertheless organizes what it’s capable to into the original file constructions?

admin 11 May , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

We made a ddrescue travel image of an NTFS HDD, then used ddrutility to see which files and directories have issues. I’m fortunate, most of what falls in the unrecoverable spots is easily expendable, but a few folders popped up that aren’t.

ddrutility’s wiki tells me that the files in all those folders are likely still recoverable, but that something like TestDisk wouldn’t be able to find them. However, I was recommended PhotoRec and found that while it seemingly pulls everything regardless of the folders, the original names and file structure are fully eliminated from the output. For 820gb of files. I’d have to check every file to see if they’re one of the fairly few I’m missing.

Is there something that dives through everything like PhotoRec, but still arranges things within their proper folders with their proper names whenever possible? Then I can just sift through what continues to be for what I need.

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