Cannot access some old CDs

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I have a collection of CDs written in 2009 on my previous PC. Now, I needed some of the files but unfortunately I can't read some of them. They ran fine on the old computer and were not scratched, so I don't think this is a pysical problem. It's probably due to my new drive (a portable Asus BluRay burner) not being able to read them. The interesting thing is, some of the CDs can be read, but occasionally. If the CD starts to spin, it can be read, but it doesn't always spin, or stop spinning mid reading session. In one session a file can be read, but in another it can't. It seems to be random. I suppose part of the problem is some of these CDs weren't finalized.

My question is: Is there a software that can help me read those CDs? Some kind of software with a low level access to the data on the CDs. I tried Recovery Toolbox for CD but it doesn't seem to be superior to Windows in its ability to read the CD.

Thank you very much….

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