3TB Seagate external HDD fell on the ground

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My 3tb HDD fell from some height and now asks to be formatted when i connect it to my pc. It changed from NTFS to raw or something and 2.7gb of the drive became unallocated. I tried Testdisk and Easus Partition master to recover or fix my partition but it didn't work. My last resort right now (unless there is another solution) is to recover all the data from the drive. I checked EaseUS data recovery wizard and it seemed that it was recovering lots of data but while reading some posts on here I can see that lots of people are recommending r-studio. So my question is, is r-studio better? Which one should I buy? and if any other better alternatives for my situation please let me know. Thank you.

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is there a way to recover a hard drive that has been basically cleared

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ive been asking around if theres a way to get my things back, since recently i had my pc repaired (reset), by someone along with losing all the things on my computer. I've been looking all over my pc to see if i could find my data somewhere, maybe theres some kind of hidden part in one of the drives, but mostly, i wanted to know if there was some kind of way i could reverse actions that are done to the computer, even though im sure there isnt, i feel like its somehow possible to revert it to its normal state before it was reset. the drive that was affected was my c drive, the drive name was renamed to local disk. it was originalled called windows. my c drive had all my files on it. my d drive was used so i could fit projects that i couldnt on my c drive because it was constantly almost full. the solution my repairer came up with was that my pc was having issues because my c drive was clogged and then proceeded to reset my computer. and i wanted to know, if theres some place i can go to get my files recovered, or to do something to my drive, or something i can do to get my things back, there has to be some kind of way to fix this problem right, even if its just a little bit of my stuff, btw, theres also a system restore that i found, that was apparently made automatically, im wondering if those are made before something like this reset would happen and if i could go back to that and get my files, even when i clicked on it, it said that the files effected would be on the c drive, so i was just assuming that my things would be there. i wanted to know if there was a way to extract the files from that restore point and put them on a hard drive, and then just wipe my computer clean. i still feel like theres some kind of chance, this happened awfully recently, but i have been on my computer kind of often but ive refrained and tried to leave it alone while i come to a solution and get my things solved. well, with this, is there anything any of you guys can do to help me out? feel free to ask questions if you need help coming up with some kind of solution for me, ill answer anything you need as best as i can. once again, thank you very much. i thank you all again in advance.

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Recovering data from a Micro Sd card

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So, I accidentally formatted my mom's phone about 3 years ago, the microSD card was still in, and it's not accessible since then. I am a total beginner in this stuff. I will give a rundown on what I've done with it till now:

-It's been about 3 years since the incident

-It was set as 'internal memory' instead of the portable option, so it won't work on any devices since then, I remember searching about it a bit back then and seeing it lost its 'key' or something, might be wrong memories tho.

-It hasn't been used until last week when I first ran a few free software to no avail, I did get a handful of files but it is not in an accessible file format, like .SWF etc.

-Yes, I did run chkdsk (my bad) about 2 times, it said that the card was containing raw files and won't work on it.

-I haven't used any professional help or paid services so far.

Would be glad if you guys could give some help, if any other info is needed I'll provide it in the comments.

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I found this link and YouTube post about Error 14 data recovery. Everything prior I’ve read basically said “you can’t, need to restore to factory” So, are they lying or do I just need to take my time? Thanks

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Discussion and steps:


I’m confused now. I would take the time if it meant to keep data. Has anyone else fixed it this way?

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Disk Drill found 0 bad and thousands of possibly bad sectors

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Hi all,

I have a small, semi-portable drive I've been using for a few years that is two 4TB oversized 2.5" drives in an external enclosure set to RAID0. A while back, I started having some issues that were minor at first. Mostly occasionally unmounting itself or hanging when I tried to access it. I was able to rescue most of my data from it on another drive, and by the time I finished doing that, it was completely non-functional. I couldn't even mount it, and when I tried to scan it with Disk Drill, it would just disappear after a short while.

Since I had most of the data copied on to a fresh drive, I figured I would just wipe this one, and see if I could get it back in action. I switched the RAID controller to JBOD, reformatted the drives, switched back to RAID0, and reformatted again. All that seemed to go off without a hitch. Before I start using this drive again, though, I'm worried about its stability. I'm having Disk Drill do a deep scan on the full drive, and it's been interesting. It started finding a lot of the old files on my drive to my surprise, but didn't flag any bad sectors for the first 6-8 hours. I let it run overnight, and when I checked again this morning, it had a notification that it had found "0 bad and 29952 possibly bad sectors," and the number of possibly bad sectors keeps climbing. It also seems to be stuck at 12 minutes remaining on the scan and with about 200 million sectors to go. Does this indicate to anyone what might be wrong? I'm happy to try anything with this drive, and I'd just like to get it up and running, even if I need to somehow block off part of the drive or something.

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Repairing Recovered .dmg file from possibly corrupted Macintosh HD SSD

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I'm trying to repair a .dmg file from a possibly corrupted Macintish HD SSD and have tried using FSCK in terminal on a Macbook Air using OS X Yosemite with no luck. I am wondering will FSCK on a newer version of Mac OS such as Big Sur have a better chance of repairing the file? As it will be difficult for me to find a mchine to try this.

If anyone has any advice I appreciate it!

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10 Drive RAID6 failure and clean room recovery attempt.

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Have a client that has a 10 drive RAID 6 that is for VM storage, that was allowed to get way too hot. The room was well into the upper 80's when things went South. At least 4 of the drives have errored out. So I decided to send this off for recovery.

The drives were quickly received where I sent them, and a diagnostics was performed. The place that I sent the drives to found everything from Read/Write errors to 'Severe Platter Damage'. This was no surprise.

Now here is what I am a little aggravated about. I discussed with the initial contact everything that was going on, and how many drives had failed and decent description of what I had encountered. I was then given a expected cost of what it would cost. Yeah, it was pricey, but I already expected it to cost a decent amount. Well, after 'diagnostics' were preformed, and having a discussion with a 'Data Recovery Specialist', I was given an amount that was as high as 10+ TIMES more then even the high end of the discussed amount before sending the drives in. The initial contact should have already known what to expect when they received these drives from my description and been able to verbally quote accordingly.

The price I was quoted shows 150-200 hours minimum [up to 350 hours?] of work to recover the data from this RAID 6. At $100-$150/hr, that adds up quick.

What I am trying to figure out, is what people have seen for recovery of similar experiences. From what I have already heard from others, is that they have seen more complicated setups with more damage, cost half of what I am being quoted. I guess I need to send these off to a different recovery business and see what another place says before doing anything.

Looking for suggestions of US Based recovery professionals to do this work.

Thank you….

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