How to Open Corrupt VHD Files on Windows 10?

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A Virtual Hard Disk or VHD file is a virtual hard drive that stores the contents of a virtual machine. This mainly includes files, folders, documents, videos, pictures, and a file system in a single file. VHD files can be used for multiple purposes, such as running older applications, testing software programs, or installing multiple…

Seagate Barracuda spinning up, not detected

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Seagate Barracuda spinning up, not detected


I have the below Seagate Barracuda that I think spins up nicely, but is not detected in Disk Utility (macOS). I unfortunately do not know the history of the drive, other than that I suspect age might be in play.

Any ideas on what could be wrong would be appreciated. Please let me know if I can provide further information.

Thanks in advance.

Note: There seems to be some discoloring on the circuit board.

UPDATE:I have successfully followed the guide posted by Mech-maniac and can now see the following:

diskutil list


However, ddrescue fails to read anything. Why could this be?



Spinning up.

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Are ALL data recovery services f*cking scammy and deceiving or what?

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So I dropped my gf's hard drive. We're both broke students but I still want to pay for the data recovery (it contains a lot of very important stuff, both personal and uni stuff). So I tried to search for data recovery services on Google: all of them seem to offer an initial price and then to raise the fuck out of it. So I found one that seemed to be more sincere. I sent it to them. Surprise: from the initial price of 250 euros it went to 1000 or more euros. Then they do the thing where they tell you the price excluding VAT. What is going on? Are they trying to trap clients or what? They made me lose money and time by shipping the hd to them. They don't even say why the price is now 4 times bigger.

So now I'm desperate. Does anybody know a data recovery service that will not try to rape me and my wallet? I'm in Italy but any service in Europe will do. I can spend like a couple of hundreds of euros.

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Need help recovering files from Maxtor M3 Portable external hard drive

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Hi everyone!

I have a Maxtor M3 Portable external hard drive, which has stopped working recently. It is being recognized when I plug it in, but the storage isn't being displayed and I can't see the files on it. When I try to open it it says that the directory isn't available. The files on the drive aren't essential, but it would be nice to recover them, do you think there's any way to do so? It spins up, so it isn't dead in that sense.

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recovering files from a reformated disk without rewriting them [question]

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I have an external hdd, which had NTFS as it's file system.

when I connected it to my old computer the USB cable lost proper contact and the ntfs file system got corrupted. I reformatted it to NTFS with the same settings. and ran a deepscan with recuva which tells me all files are in perfect condition.

So I know that if I get another hdd, I should be able to restore the data to it. however since this drive was only used to store one specific project, and this project is around 200gb in size and all still in perfect condition on the same location, I wondered if it would be possible to just re-enable them/ add them back to the journal without rewriting them. since the only thing that actually misses are the bytes saying they are actual files. and this would save a lot of trouble and a harddrive.

Question in short: is it possible to re-enable files on a formated drive when they all are still in perfect state, without the need for completely rewriting all files. using recuva or another free recovery software. asuming the ntfs file system.

you can see it as a new hdd to which files have been moved after which it got fast formatted.

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Recovering sensitive files from dead m2 SSD

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Recovering sensitive files from dead m2 ssd

Hello! I have an AddLink NVMe M2 SSD I bought about a year ago that died on me recently. This is probably karma as I’ve got tax documents and personal info on the drive and I’m the idiot who opted not to back them up.

I already have a StarTech external M2 enclosure so I can connect the dead drive to my computer via USB, but I’m struggling to find any sort of program that can attempt to recover files from the drive.

Does anybody know of a program capable of this or any other hardware I could buy that may get the job done?

I’d prefer to avoid shipping the drive to a data recovery professional. I would rather not put trust in strangers, although the irony of this post may imply I’ll have no other choice.

Any suggestions of programs, hardware, or reputable company would be greatly appreciated.


Made the same post on r/techsupport and it was recommended I post here too. I don’t believe PC specs are relevant other than my OS, which is Windows 10.

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Service Recommendations in Colorado.

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I have two hdd drives I need recovered that have physical issues. One is an older 3tb that is just resetting the head (clicking/skipping) over and over, the other is a 1tb that will spin up before making one loud scratch sound and stopping. The second one has also been sitting for years because I could not afford the recovery at the time.

That all being said I'm hoping maybe somebody here might know companies of actual quality in the Colorado area? I'm trying desperately to avoid price gouging and people who just ship it off to larger companies and tack that price onto their bill. I am also fine with shipping them out to somewhere if I can't find anything local. Data privacy would also be highly prized.

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