SSD crash not recognized by OS

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I have a fairly technical background in IT but don't work in it anymore. Have an issue with a hard drive and figured I would see if I might be able to find a solution here. Its a Sandisk Ultra II SSD.

I have an older ASUS laptop I use primarily for documents and email type stuff. It doesn't travel it just sits on my desk. Built a new one and have moved almost exclusively to it in the last 6 months. Recently I got a blue screen of death on it and when I rebooted it failed to boot with a windows error message "Error Code: 0xc000000e" Clearly this is a failure to recognize the disk. There was no warning of impending failure. Drive is fairly new, at the very most 2 years old. According to Sandisk dashboard before the crash it still had 99% of life left.

Tried to repair the disk with a Windows recovery tool. No luck. Even tried downloading a new version of the Windows recovery tools. It was never able to see the drive.

So I took the Sandisk Ultra II out and tried to access it from another laptop and a desktop. Both failed to recognize the device. They could see that something was there but could not initialize it. I used a number of SATA drive cables to connect it and none would allow me to access the data or initialize the disk to even begin using drive recovery software. I verified the SATA drives were working by putting a different drive on them and ensuring I could read those drives.

Seems to me the drive isn't getting power or the interface connection on the board is borked.

There is data that I need off that disk. It is still under warranty but I want to get the data. Before I send the drive off to a data recovery place does anyone have any suggestions of something I could try?

And if not can someone recommend a good data recovery company?

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Restored iPhone 6S Using iTunes on a computer, phone wiped and no backups?

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My dad's iPhone 6S froze on the Apple logo this morning and would periodically turn on and off but never go past the logo. It never prompted him to say it was going to update or anything the night before. We recently tried to restore it using the recovery mode + iTunes on a computer method, and at one point a dialog box appeared saying that if the iPhone could not be updated, it would be restored to factory settings. The update finished downloading and installed on the phone, and it completely wiped it.

iTunes never prompted us that the phone couldn't be updated/would entirely wipe, and now he is missing 5-6 years of photos, contacts, etc. He had the basic iCloud plan that comes with all iPhones and surely would have exhausted all of the available space with a mix of photos, messages, etc. However, when we tried to restore data from his iCloud account, it said that there were no backups available, and no backup was created on the computer used to update it. He still has all of his Notes pages, voicemails and recent calls. The only thing I could think of would be that the iCloud account he was previously using was under a different email, but he doesn't think it was.

If this is not the case and there is truly nothing he can restore from his iCloud account, is he screwed as far as data recovery goes?


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4TB internal hddrive – failing when trying to copy certain data / how to recover?

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Need some advice – I have a 4TB seagate hddrive that's locking up. I saw it was starting to fail when I noticed it was using 100% of disk power for no reason. I removed it and stuck it into an external hddrive enclosure and I've been trying to recover the data – I have some really important stuff on there!

Unfortunately, when I do – within about 2-5 minutes and usually if I'm trying to copy specific things (e.g. they are corrupt), I hear a clicking noise and then the drive disconnects either with an error "usb not recognized" or just by disappearing.

Prior to accessing the data, I can see the directory/file folders but if I try to click into certain ones it locks up again.

Any suggestions on the best way for me to recover this? I got quoted $1200 for recover (to replace driver heads? not sure if that's what is wrong) and since I can see the file folders at least for a bit; I was thinking maybe I could do this with software at home first.

Any advice would be super appreciated!!

Edit: Tried to run GetDataBack and it hangs in trying to grab the sectors/then the drive disconnects!

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Cannot access some old CDs

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I have a collection of CDs written in 2009 on my previous PC. Now, I needed some of the files but unfortunately I can't read some of them. They ran fine on the old computer and were not scratched, so I don't think this is a pysical problem. It's probably due to my new drive (a portable Asus BluRay burner) not being able to read them. The interesting thing is, some of the CDs can be read, but occasionally. If the CD starts to spin, it can be read, but it doesn't always spin, or stop spinning mid reading session. In one session a file can be read, but in another it can't. It seems to be random. I suppose part of the problem is some of these CDs weren't finalized.

My question is: Is there a software that can help me read those CDs? Some kind of software with a low level access to the data on the CDs. I tried Recovery Toolbox for CD but it doesn't seem to be superior to Windows in its ability to read the CD.

Thank you very much….

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Boot SSD converted to RAW, other PC does not recognize it.

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Windows 10, Sandisk SSD Plus 240GB

Long story short, somehow my boot SSD converted to RAW. I plugged it into my laptop with a SATA to USB adapter and it will briefly show up in File Explorer as local disk F: however, File Explorer then loads for about 20 minutes, and then the drive disappears. If you click on the drive, File Explorer will become unresponsive. During this loading time, the drive will also appear in Device Manager, but has the same issue (opening properties will crash Device Manager). It also shows up in EaseUS as a "Lost Partition" but again, as soon as File Explorer loads, it disappears.

Is there even a chance to recover the data if Windows doesn't even detect the drive? BIOS on my desktop will detect it as a boot drive, but won't boot. I don't understand why Windows won't detect it, it doesn't ever show up in Disk Manager either.

Looking for any advice here..

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Seagate 2TB external Hard drive is Beeping

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And it no longer shows up on my computer outside of my Device manager or Computer Management tabs.

As I understand the beeping, but not clicking is potentially salvageable. As I have many family photos and videos on this drive, I would like to repair it.

It shows up as "Must initialize disk" in Computer management. Which will wipe the disk, but It is suggested we immediately use some program like EaseUS data recovery, which costs a lot of money outside the free trial.

I am just concerned as to the Success Rate of said program. If I need to initialize it and then immediately use the program. Do i need another Hard drive on Standby to move the files recovered to, etc. Is there a better program I should be using instead of following this online guide?

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Is it possible to reconstruct a deleted and partially re-written partition?

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While I was trying to clone and repartition an external hard drive that I had, I either messed up something or the program malfunctioned with the result of writing 30GB over the main partition. The main partition on this drive had been about a TB but with only 90GB on it, but when I plug it in it shows with only the 30GB partition with the other 900GB in unallocated. Is there any kind of software that can still restore this? I don't need to recover the whole operating system or any of the applications since this is a fairly new PC, but I would really like to recover some game save files that I have. To do that though, I would need to get some software that can also reconstruct the data into the folder that it was originally in. Is it actually possible to partially reconstruct the lost data like this if a third was already written over? Can anyone recommend my best options for software to use? Thanks in advance for the help

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