[NTFS] Formatted files not showing on GetDataBack Pro. 14 hours and no progress. Desperate for help, or at least some closure on this shambles I’ve created.

Format: NTFS / SSD: NVME Western Digital 1TB WDS100T2B0C

It's been a really long day, and I've exhausted my limited understanding and ability to tackle this problem.

Sorry to burden you all with another help request, but I'm guessing my files are lost forever and that I'm to blame.

I wanted to do a clean install of Windows 10 on my SSD. I had 2 partitions on this drive, one which I wanted the fresh install on (main), and the other where I was storing my files (backup). I regret this immensely now.

Upon trying to install Windows on the main partition, I hit a problem. Windows would not allow me to create a space on which Windows could install. Despite clicking "new", the space remained unallocated.

To get round this problem, I quickly googled a solution, without any consideration as to the repercussions. I followed a video that advised I do the following:

  1. In the Install Windows screen, press Shift+F10 to open a command prompt.
  2. Type “diskpart” and press Enter.
  3. Type “list disk”.
  4. Type “select disk X”. The “X” should be replaced by the disk number of the disk that you want to delete.
  5. Type “clean”

What I didn't know is that this would remove my partitions and overwrite them with 4 of their own. This is where the sadness and worry kicked in.

I went up in the loft and rummaged around for an old hard drive, installed it onto the PC and looked at Windows Disk Management. Unfortunatelly, the first software I saw highly recommended was Recuva. For reasons beyond my understanding, the SSD with 4 partitions could not run Recuva until I formatted the partitions, which I did. I assume this is another major screw up on my part. I ran Recuva which came up with nothing, so in my continued and rushed panic, starting reading through this sub to see what was best.

I downloaded GetDataBack, and started running it on the SSD. Mistake number 1000 is that I didn't restart the PC, remove the drive, and have the working HDD as Disk 0 and the SSD as Disk 1. Another mistake I didn't realise until later.

I ran GetDataBack from level 1 to level 4, across all 4 of the new partitions made by the above bullet points. Still, nothing came up, or at least, nothing of worth. Just a few folders but they seem generic and identical across all 4 partitions.

When I did finally turn the PC off, remove the drive, reboot it, see the HDD as Drive 0, then reinstate the SSD, it was still recognised as Disk 0. I dno how relevant this is but I want to be as detailed as possible. I then created a compressed image of the (still) Disk 0 SSD, and ran GetDataBack on the image, but it comes up with the same. I thought this would bypass any issues of having the SSD as Disk 0 etc.

And now I'm here, hoping that someone can help me recover my files, or tell me that it's over and to just walk away from the problem.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and for any help you can provide.

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Accidently deleted data and its not in recycle bin!

I recently got my PC back from reinstalling windows in my C: drive, and when i tried to put my pictures folder in my D: drive, I accidently merged my picture folder and D: drive together. I thought I could fix this is by deleting all the files in the "photos" folder but accidently deleted a load of files in my D: drive that I couldn't find in my recycle bin that I want back.

Should I try some data recovery program? I'm thinking of using either Recuva or Wondershare RecoverIt but I'm afraid of buying a subscription to do so because I'm afraid it won't work and I'll get scammed.

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Fresh Win 10 install wiped EFS keys / cert. possible to recover from Backblaze backup?

Made a rookie mistake believing my files were backed up to Backblaze in worst case scenario but realized that a number of important files were Encrypted by me using EFS.

I 'think' I remember the pasword used but I did a fresh install of Windows 10 overwriting the partition and don't think I have any way of reverting back to it to get the certificate?

I do have as mentioned access to the backblaze copy of c: but as I understand it it's hit or miss on what that contains and certainly not a full image of windows.

Appreciate any creative ideas!

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Not sure what the hell happened to my hard drive – it’s preventing me from going into BIOS/POST


My computer was vibing all day, restarted my PC because a program I had installed on this hard drive wasn't working and task manager wasn't responding properly, booted it up again, tried the program again then rebooted cus I had the exact same issue, then my motherboard was like "Nah bud, something's fucked"

I reduced my computer components to the main hard drive, GPU and keyboard and then slowly refitted the hard drive SATA cables until the hard drive in question (2TB Western Digital) was inserted and the motherboard went back to being unable to POST/Show the BIOS.

I've uninstalled this hard drive now, which sucks cus I'm 2TB down and the program I want to use I have to reinstall.

As I hear sounds are important, it clicks and it makes a beep as the hard drive starts up.

I don't know what the hell's on it besides games and programs, but I'd sure as hell like to restore anything that might have to do with my cat that passed away a couple of years ago.

Edit: General location is UK, Oxfordshire

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Xbox One factory reset itself and deleted my captures. Are these recoverable?

As the title said, apparently a bug or like horribly done update got pushed through and plenty of people have had their consoles stuck unable to boot right. Followed some steps to try and fix this and in the troubleshoot menu I hit B assuming it would back out and instead it just factory reset without giving me any options to keep anything as it should have. The captures aren't anything special but I really want to recover them. Assuming I can get the drive or whole thing connected to my PC, is there any hope of saving these videos and screenshots and even apps?

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Moving 700GB worth of data from failing external hard drive

Hey everyone. I have a 5 year old 2TB Seagate Expansion drive that is clearly on its way out. Copying files from this drive works for the first few attempts, but sooner or later it freezes completely.

I was looking into ddrescue as a means to trying to salvage my collection of Blu-ray rips and TV shows. The issues I have so far are

I only have one machine to my name (windows 10) which is used 20 hours a day by myself and Mrs for work and encoding media overnight. This means switching to Linux and running ddrescue for what could be multiple hours or days isn't possible.

I then thought about using Linux in a VM and using ddrescue that way. All of my google-fu shows that this isn't a wise idea.

Lastly, I have no idea if ddrescue-gui which is for Windows, actually works since I can't find much discussion about it.

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How Recover Within Last 10-20mins?

There are no "restore points" on the computer…

Microsoft makes "Restore points" off by default…

Need to create "restore points"

How much % to give to "restore points"?

What % of disk should it be? Why?

Are there any good data recovery tool that can scan inside wherever the browser files are located? Maybe it can recover the old ones

Edge signed in to outlook (Microsoft account) without me signing in. I signed in to outlook via a Microsoft app the other time but that was only to sign into that one app. That was it. I guess Microsoft made us sign in everywhere else

When opened Edge, outlook was signed in, so I signed out.

When signed out it asks if wanted to "Clear all history and everything on this device"

I was confused why outlook was signed in in the first place, and I just wanted to sign out of the outlook, so I just put "Yes" since all I wanted to do was to sign out. I was confuse why it was asking that anyway since I just pressed "sign out"

Then it says "Profile 2" and everything was gone, passwords, etc and I was confused what happened

On Chrome, it doesn't do this, and it doesn't do this in other broswers. It just signs you out when you press "sign out"

I don't know my passwords or anything else, some things were on Edge.

How to see list of all profile? How to recover all profiles? Is there a way to restore anything? How to see if there's any Windows backups?

Where do we see if there's any backups on windows within the last 10-20 mins? I don't think there are any backups by the way.

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SecureDataRecovery.com to recover TrueCrypt Header? Reputable?

I have a thumb drive that was encrypted with TrueCrypt back in 2014. Unfortunately, it was quick-formatted and had a few drivers/photos put on it. I've tried Recuva, but the only files it was able to salvage were the TrueCrypt.exe and a bunch of random files with bizarre file names and extensions.

After some googling to what was in my area, I saw there was a site called SecureDataRecovery.com, which seemed to have some good online reviews. I spoke to a rep who was confident they could recover the header (since I know it's name and have the passwords for it), with recovery ranging from $500-$1500.

Not sure who here has had luck with them. Their social media presence is lacking, and I'd like to get some second opinions before I ship this drive out to their lab (they already printed me a FedEx overnight label).

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Disk will not mount

Hi there!

I have a HDD that will no longer show up. I can find it if I go to Disk Utility but it is greyed out. Clicking 'Mount' does not work, neither does 'First Aid'. Using the free trial of 3rd party software EaseUS can view all of the files on there but it will cost $80 to actually retrieve the files. Does anyone know of any free way to get into the disk so I can copy all of the files to a new drive? Its around 2TB of photographs, so the free trials that let you retrieve 1GB are not much use…

This is for Mac FYI and the drive is formatted APFS

Any help appreciated!

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