Clicking on sound from old 1TB SATA drive, opened this is what i saw:

admin 08 May , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

Hah! Got you right now there with my click lure didn’t I?

Anyway, i opened up the old defective HD after it could not be read and did clicking sounds (6 years ago, haven’t touched this since). Under a clean air flow from a big air hepa air filter, gloves, facemask, operative haircover etc .

The head was stuck in the most inner position onto the platter, i moved it back but was not able to put it to the starting position. The picture show where it is stuck now and cannot be moved.


I nevertheless haven’t had a chance to link it to my laptop (waiting for a sata to USB 3. 0).

Is this a lost trigger for an noob like me?

Videos i’ve viewed:

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