Complete failure of SD card. No warning. Can’t be mounted.

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Hi guys, I’m a photographer and on a recent job, a SanDisk SD card was corrupted. Honestly have no idea how or why and it’s a very strange situation.

It was freshly formatted and being shot Nikon D850, and no error message was displayed. Later (nothing I’m aware of happened in between), it was re-inserted into the same camera to use again but an error message about the card not being usable was immediately displayed.

I later tried to see it in my laptop, But it would not even mount.

I also put it in a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, But got the Canon version of the Nikon message.

Neither Camera nor the computer could use it, although the cameras at least recognised that there was a card installed, but there was no way to view it’s contents or even format it. Disk utility on my Mac didn’t show a card in the reader at all.

The card isn’t currently in my possession but we haven’t tried rescue pro or any software yet But even if we had, we don’t seem to be able to mount it to run recovery software on the card.

There’s possibly a few important files on the card so quite important that I figure out a way to access it.

Any ideas?

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