Conserving log file in HDDSuperClone

admin 04 May , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

We are using HDDSuperClone on a 2019 16in MacBook via a Linux boot drive.

After two days of cloning I want to save my record file and unmount the hard drives to allow them to cool down.

I am unable to save the log file anyplace but on Linux alone which is run on RAM.

Linux will not identify usb devices unless they may be plugged in at boot. Barring moving the log document to a flash drive or wired internet through USBc-Ethernet.

WiFi will not connect to move to an impair drive.

Wireless bluetooth will not connect from Linux to my other MacBook.

The source hard drive getting cloned is owned simply by root and cannot be modified to place the log document there (may not be advisable anyways being a failing drive).

I just want to save this log file anywhere but on Linux itself and have not go through of any similar problems from other users.

Any suggestions?

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