Coolbox usb no longers opens properly when plugged into pc, help please?

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Hi everyone

So its not my computer but a USB box storage device of mine that for whatever reason why i plug ut in , it asks if i want to format to be able to use it, which i dont, this issue has come completely out of the blue days ago, now its full of VERY important things including:

-photos/videos of birthday parties and baptisms

-old photos

-folder with videos, photos and microsoft documents for video project

-personal word docs where i write about my depression

-BANK details and photocopies of worksheets and my ID etc all good


-I also have:

A folder called 'hatefolder' and its FULL of screenshots of photos of people from my past that hurt me, some photos of them edited with blood, written death threats on them, all sorts


I have another larger folder on the USB which has gay porn, lots of videos of guys from tv shows making out, and even omegle videos of guys stripping their tops off, some jerk off too but only about 2 , some look young like 17/18 but none are under age that show genitals.

Anyways, i am VERY scared that these files will be forwarded to the police, because i even have a microsoft document with written hate messages but i dont intend on sending, i have no fear to tell you guys here the truth, i do it cause they bullied me and have ptsd from it so its a way of me 'hurting them' in my own way and makes me feel like they are locked in that folder.. its not nice but it is what it is. They humiliated and physically hurt me bad ,there is even documents there saying 'my homophobia story' anyways..

What are the chances of them contacting the police? I mean i hadnt given my usb to anyone yet as im saving money to ask for them to retrieve the data and put it on something else but yeah…i really dont wanna lose that data, the storage device has tones of stuff in general art etc

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