Correct approach for using ddrescue to get data from WD My Passport and save to a larger WD My Passport

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  • Data is not super important, I won't be paying for data recovery, but I would like to try to retrieve it if possible
  • Source is 1 TB WD My Passport (WXE1A1390540) that is formatted as MBR NTFS. Unfortunately, the only Windows system I have is GPT. Windows and Linux both "see" it but will not mount. In Mac, it mounts and unmounts itself repeatedly.
  • I want to try to get data from the source drive using gddrescue on laptop running Linux Mint, but SSD is only 120GB. So I will use a 4 TB WD My Passport (WX92D90051SZ) as destination drive. EDIT: This drive is brand new, nothing on it.

I have researched this quite a bit including the sidebar links which were helpful but I am still confused about a few things, hoping someone is able to clarify:

  1. Source drive should be unmounted and destination drive should be mounted, correct?
  2. I have read that using SATA connector instead of connecting via USB is faster and more stable. I have SATA connector and am capable of opening the external drive casing, but still confused, is this suggesting to use a SATA-to-USB adapter or rather to open up your computer and connect the drive directly to the SATA port?
  3. Still don't understand the difference between "cloning a drive" and "creating an image." I'm guessing creating an image is faster, so was going to do that. Would this be the correct command:

ddrescue -f /dev/sdc1 /dev/sdc2 /home/user/ddr/ddr.log 

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