Corrupted Micro SD Card

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Hey guys, for about 2 weeks now my phone has been throwing a notification at me, that stated that my sd card is not functioning properly and that it's been put in read-only mode to protect the data. I've finally had the time to try and back it up now, but I can't seem to do it. It's a 64GB Sandisk card, that's about 5 years old. I have about 55GB's of data on it, and I've managed to copy only about 25GB, the rest of 30GB is pretty much photos. I've tried to copy them from the phone, with the cable, I've even bought a USB 3.0 card reader which has been helpful, but right now I can't seem to copy the rest of the data. I have tried different programs like R-Studio, Wondershare data recovery, tried chkdsk from windows, I've done a lot of things but none of them work. Basically if I try to copy data, it jumps to it's usual 90MB/s and then suddendly drops to 0 and that's it. With all those programs it also suddendly stops. I can however browse all the things that are on them, on pc and on my phone. I just can't seem to copy the rest of the data. Any ideas ? Thank you in advance

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