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Hi, Excellent DVD that someone offers asked me to see merely can scrounge any information off of. It is the only copy that exists.

I have downloaded a whole list of programs that would be able to retrieve data away from a disc that can' t be read, but the problem is that no generate I put it into even detects a disc. So that they can make the disc detectable, There are done the following:

-Put CD repair polish into the crack and on the disk

-Taped the non-playable side to pay the " tears" that will light could pass through

-Tried to fill the split with Vaseline

At this point my latest idea was to protect the entire playable side from the disc in suran wrap airtight with no bubbles plus use a sharpie to black out the portion of the disk that is damaged, leaving only the good data to become read on the disk. This particular actually got the disk to spin in the get, but after a minute or so it still cant detect the disc.

Btw it is not the drive, because it states other DVD' s great.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can perhaps retrieve the data off of this particular disc or know of any kind of professional services that could assist? Or is it a dropped cause?

(I have also contacted OnTrack and they said these people couldn' t help)

Thanks in advance for any advice!

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