Data files found from my faulty external HD, but just as RAW

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Hello everyone,

first of all thanks to this particular sub. I was almost desperate trying to recover the details via various programs, like Stellar, that I found here were ineffective.

As suggested in another post, I got myself dmde and performed a complete scan. Hurray! The process found a lot of files by their signatures plus listed them under the UNCOOKED results.

Many of them are videos, half of them are memories that are unique plus half of them our film library of (mostly) rare films.

I right-clicked and recovered a sample, but no one gets retrieved well enough to play the document thoroughly – actually, every one of them play only for the first mins.

Since the data files data is there, how can I restore the file system data? I believe that there the indices can be found correctly in order for most files to be recovered.

Any hint and suggestion would warmheartedly valued!

All the files have been in the [Primary – Unknown F.System – 1.00 TB – E] partition

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