Data Recovery on Android 10

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Hi guys

I have Redmi K20 Pro which is running on Android 10, MIUI 11. The security patch is of Feb, 2020. The phone is not rooted and the bootloader is locked. Also, there is no lock on the phone. The phone boots up, shows home screen but none of the app is opening (except settings, clock, weather). Whenever I click on any app, it displays the message "App isn't installed on your device". The phone was working fine before this happened randomly. It can't connect to PC in MTP as well. I can still connect it in ADB but I am not able to pull up anything as everything in storage/emulated/0 seems to be gibberish (random alphanumerics). It still shows the space acquired by files in settings->storage. Do you think this can be fixed or data can be recovered as data inside is very important to me. I just want somehow data gets saved. I understand there is FBE which makes everything complicated. Do you think there is some problem with FBE on the device?

Also, I was contacting guys, do you think there is a chance of data recovery if I ship it to them? Or any recommendations for other professional services whom I can approach.

Also, Attached are the pictures of the message, storage info and ADB commands. Any help will be highly appreciated.

Image 1:

Image 2:

Image 3:

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