Data recovery problem with a 2.5″ sata Hdd.

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Hello, i'm having a hard time recovering some very important data out of a 2.5 sata hdd used in a Toshiba laptop. So let me explain how i got into this situation: 1) I opened the laptop like i usually do but before the Windows (8.1) booted i got an automatic repair message which then resulted into the know loop problem that doesn't let you get into the troubleshoot menu. 2)To solve this issue i created a bootable usb and finally managed to open the troubleshoot menu. There i tried all the know methods for repairing the disk ( cmd, Windows, refreshing Windows etc) but i haven't had any luck with those due to multiple errors. 3)Using cmd i discovered that the disk was in raw format so i decided to pull it out of the laptop and plug it in another pc to see if i can restore the files using some software. But, as soon as i opened the pc it started being extremely laggy and even though i could see the disk appearing i couldn't open it or see any details regarding the disk space etc. Also, when i tried to open disk management or any disk restoration software those would freeze and force the pc to do a restart after some time. So i'm currently stuck in this situation and i don't know what else to try. Thus, any help regarding data restoration would be greately appreciated since this problem has been driving me crazy over the past few days.

Note: the disk is getting recognized from both the laptop and the pc plus it doesn't make any weird sounds during start up so i'm confident that there isn't any physical damage to the disk.

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