ddrescue only clones data in the first few seconds

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I am currently cloning a failing SSHD (images and more info in this post)

After about 5 days worth of letting ddrescue run (stopped it in between a few times to make a snapshot of the drive i am recovering to) and about 200 rescans later it does not make a lot of progress anymore, 0% in the last 24h.

Before that it would get about 0.05% every ±10 hours.

Now the Interesting part, I just discovered, whenever I restart the cloning process it clones about 20 to 200MB of data and then nothing for hours. (I ve tried that 3 times now.)

Should I just restart the recovery until I have all the data? (currently I paused the cloning process)Or are there options for ddrescue the automatically restart the cloning every few minutes/hours?

Edit: I'm at 99.22% and the last snapshot I made at 99.18% already has a lot of data which is not corrupted.

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