Deleted a very important .zip file from my android tablet’s 128gb external sd card, it’s been a week trying to find methods to recover it

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Last Sunday evening, I was just transferring some whatsapp media files and moving few files from internal storage to the sd card. Then, I got into the chrome download folder in the sd card and begin moving some photos to folders I've created in the card itself. I've moved(cut pasted) almost all of them and I noticed few other files non-media were moved too. I started moving them back to /storage/sdcard/Android/ I.e where they initially were. Then SHIT!!! some error occurred and one of the files I was moving got deleted. My hands were shaking and moved the other files to the previous folder. I searched everywhere! It was nowhere to be found!

Using the same tablet I googled (through chrome) stuff searching for recovery software for android(mistake! I know) Someone wrote 'If you're trying to recover something you just deleted, stop using the device immediately!'. I did that.

Next day, I went through several YouTube videos none had solutions for non-rooted devices. I went in more and found some guy was talking about dr phone data recovery software. I googled and tried to install it on the only working computer I can use which I'm not the Administrator for. It won't work. Later that day, I read really shocking things about that software in this sub. I thanked myself for not installing it.

So, it's been almost a week now, haven't opened the tablet eversince, and I have not a single clue what to do. I have lots of NSFW in the card too—not very comfortable in giving it to a recovery shop. The sd card also has many apps storing their data in it, the internal storage is almost full. Also, I recently recovered from Covid and I'm very weak physically, I don't think will be able to travel far to find data recovery centres even. I really need my tablet for online school, I write and read my notes in it, take online tests, and do literally everything in it.


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