Deleted hard drive info, and re partitioned

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Yes stupid I know, didnt read the message and just hit enter. Here is what happened, was using windows 7 to install linux mint on a usb, and from there rum chromebook os instalition inside linux. Long story short i booted into linux using the USB while my windows hdd still attached, opened terminal in linux and ran the command to install chromebook os suppose on another flash drive few minutes later there was a prompt j believe it was saying whipe all information and repartition. And yes it was applied to my windows hdd. I didnt stop the process. Now i attched the hdd to enclousre and attached to windows the hard drive doesnt show up, and now it has 12 partition with one have around almost my data 698 gb, and some new one with smal bytes and other 2 which i believe my recovery partition and bootloader ( i had only 3 partition before). I did some scanning read alot of posts, i ran easeus parition recovery, it did find my data pics pdfs and what not which is great but I was wondering, is there a way to return as it was before ??

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