Difficulties with several drives

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One drive, a HD103UJ, was accidentally hit plus started beeping, when i opened it i saw the reader is certainly stuck, i touched the area accidentally and also i saw there are some scratches. I tried to proceed the center of the disk with all the screwdriver and move you at the same time but the center didnt move as i couldn’t make any force with the screwdriver, there was just a very tiny gap in the center where simply no screwdriver can make any push as doesn’t have any form, just a circular hole. There is certainly any chance of recovery easily send it to a proffesional or it is not worth?

Also i have a Seagate ST4000DM004, which has 4096 bytes per sector https://benson.ph/products/seagate-barr … hard-drive and a capacity of close to 4GB that started to fail, appeared as RAW arbitrarily at start, some instances the files appeared when was not RAW and i could recover data from the disk using robocopy, but was slower and worked randomly.

Then used reside Ubuntu CD 21. 01 i think was the version and am used sudo mount diskpath mountpointpath in home, i actually mounted several drives, this seagate, another HDD as well as a SSD, the seagate failed to let me access and obtained this error message easily remember well “The NTFS partition is in an unsafe state. Please resume and shutdown Windows fully (no hibernation or fast restarting), or even mount the volume read-only with the ‘ro’ mount option. inch, so i used ntfsfix, which usually let me access the generate again.

I then access the other HDD along with mount and started to click all the time even though i could see the files anyways even though did not let me copy any material on it but allowed me to create new empty folders and when i logged in back to windows i couldn’t even initalize this drive, just appears the option in order to initialize and once i attempt to initialize gives me an error. Don’t know what to do with this disk as seems to be just a brick, despite the fact that worked before using the attach in the live CD

After trying several apps i decided to initialize the ST4000DM004 disk in order to GPT, but seems it failed as in disk manager tells me it is Not initialized and is unallocated. Says the hard disk drive works fine even though is not really true

https://ibb.co/9WLfCJR https://ibb.co/bzYRW9M https://ibb.co/VJ48vXK https://ibb.co/ctN5vRZ https://ibb.co/kg9fTsp

Now i don’t know what partition type should i choose in an app called TestDisk, Testdisk selects by default GPT but don’t remember making a GPT disk, and all other hard disks i have are MBR. Also the app easeus partition master tells me it is MBR. Besides the disk is of 4TB and had just one partition, theoretically should be GPT but might be also MBR as offers 4096 bytes per industry instead 512 bytes as i read here https://www.reddit.com/r/ps4homebrew/co … _than_2tb/

So as i tried to initialize to GPT and now i have no clue if it is GPT or not although the initialization didn’t finish probably changed something

I ran a Seagate DiskWizard app and provided this information of the disk, the particular disk appear as kind “Read”, not MBR or GPT, seems it is just readonly though diskpart don’t discover the disk

PS Speed IFace Hs-Bs-Tg ModelNum NT L9NO Size FSsize Free FS Type Tag ABCHSV Error—- —– —- —– —– —– —— ————— ———– —— ———-1- d(2) Read 3. 6T SATA 0-0-0 ST4000DM004-2CV104 0001 3. 6T Read Electronic ——

Various other hard drives show me they are MBR or GPT like this one i had formed: 2- d(1) MBR 932G SATA 0-0-0 SAMSUNG HD103UJ MBR —–v

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