Disappearing Act

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My desktop BIOS failed and had starting booting from backup (dual bios).

Pulled the 500GB W10 SATA HD which also had all my work files on on it and sent the machine to repair shop, and also asked them to install new 1TB HD with W10 as the other drive was almost full and was two years old.

Desktop repaired and working great. I put the old W10 HD into the USB dock to transfer work files (photoshop, illustrator etc) to new computer. I can see the drive, through explorer, through disk management. I can see all the old Windows and other standard files. What I cannot find is my work files!

I have looked all through the drive. All my files were saved in folders directly on desktop for ease of access. I have enabled "Show hidden files and folders". I have even searches for specific file formats (*.psd, *.eps) etc. Nothing comes back! I have used this dock with several other older hard drives and it is working fine. This drive has been safely stored at home by me, it didn't go to the repair shop with the computer. This was my first time accessing the drive since I disconnected it.

I can't understand why all those files and folders would just disappear? Why is it only my personal files that are affected? Are they gone? What am I missing? I'd appreciate any help.

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