Disk Drill found 0 bad and thousands of possibly bad sectors

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Hi all,

I have a small, semi-portable drive I've been using for a few years that is two 4TB oversized 2.5" drives in an external enclosure set to RAID0. A while back, I started having some issues that were minor at first. Mostly occasionally unmounting itself or hanging when I tried to access it. I was able to rescue most of my data from it on another drive, and by the time I finished doing that, it was completely non-functional. I couldn't even mount it, and when I tried to scan it with Disk Drill, it would just disappear after a short while.

Since I had most of the data copied on to a fresh drive, I figured I would just wipe this one, and see if I could get it back in action. I switched the RAID controller to JBOD, reformatted the drives, switched back to RAID0, and reformatted again. All that seemed to go off without a hitch. Before I start using this drive again, though, I'm worried about its stability. I'm having Disk Drill do a deep scan on the full drive, and it's been interesting. It started finding a lot of the old files on my drive to my surprise, but didn't flag any bad sectors for the first 6-8 hours. I let it run overnight, and when I checked again this morning, it had a notification that it had found "0 bad and 29952 possibly bad sectors," and the number of possibly bad sectors keeps climbing. It also seems to be stuck at 12 minutes remaining on the scan and with about 200 million sectors to go. Does this indicate to anyone what might be wrong? I'm happy to try anything with this drive, and I'd just like to get it up and running, even if I need to somehow block off part of the drive or something.

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