Do I ruin my 3Tb WD MyBook 2015 external HDD by taking it out of the enclosure and connecting this directly to the pc SATA?

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I have this particular 2015 WD MyBook three or more Tb that was laying about, it had a different power socket than the one I personally use in my new home, therefore i figured I’d just remove it from the enclosure and connect it directly to my personal computer motherboard through SATA.. which was a mistake as it turned out.

Apparently, WD utilizes hardware encryption to prevent such step. I tried to place back in the enclosure and connect it through USB 3 or more but it won’t work. This shows in “my products and printers” as Our Book, it also shows up in disc management as uninitialized with unknown volume, once i press initialize it says it encountered a fatal error.

So i am using Win 11, I actually searched over the internet and found that removing the 7/8th pin from the winbound range of motion chip on USB-Sata connection PCP removes the encryption, but does it remove my data?

I absolutely need your help men.

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