Drive with damaged partition structures…

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HP Envy 750-175se


I have a recovery in progress…looks like I'm going to get back about 80% of my files which were on a separate partition from my OS.

The larger concern for me is that I can no longer access and repartition the drive through the Disk Management menu. When I right click either partition all options are greyed out except properties on the remnants of the data partition.

I think it was damaged by a bad usb connection to an external hard drive enclosure it was mounted in. The last thing I did was to make an Acronis image of the OS partition(which appears successful, need to check if it'll boot). Then I put the drive back in my computer and it failed to boot and gave me a menu with repair/recovery options. It failed to repair.

I think the partition structures were damaged. Disk Management showed visuals of the partitions with the assigned letters, but blank content. I deleted the OS and System partitions, hoping to restore from an Acronis backup. The options went grey at this point. There are no drive icons in Disk Management any more.

I need to know ho to put partitions back on the drive. I do have EaseUS Partition Master installed on the the hard drive/OS I'm currently using. Haven't tried it yet, as the questionable drive's content is currently being recovered.

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