Dying ssd after pc crash

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My ssd started acting weird after my pc crashed. I'm trying to copy my data and fix it.

Laptop: clevo nh55rdq
Ssd: Mushkin Pilot-E 2 TB

1. Copy my documents and other stuff (its not the end of the world if I lose it, I have a ~6 month old back up and most important stuff is saved online, but its still a major PITA)
2. Figure out what the problem is and fix or warranty it.

Chronological events: My computer froze while gaming, and after power cycling and what appeared like a very slow boot up, I was greeted with a "Boot drive missing" screen in EUFI. When I navigated to boot order in EUFI, there were zero entries detected. When I tried again, I got the same result of long boot followed by the "boot drive missing" message. I hoped it was maybe just some dust or bad contact, so I decided to move the ssd to my other m.2 slot. Now it started saying "loading automatic repair" under the windows loading animation, I assume because it failed to start up 2x. Automatic repair could not find and fix the issue.

At this point I got quite worried. I decided to remove the ssd, install an old hard drive and try booting from a linux usb to copy off my files. When I tried this first without the ssd installed it all works fine. But with the ssd installed, it shows the ssd in boot manager again listed as windows, but when I boot the linux usb, the booting does not even make it to the grub selector prompt (where you are normally offered to start linux in safe mode etc), instead the screen just stays black. I noticed the ssd got quite hot (not hot enough to burn me) from just a short period of this.

I tried booting from the ssd one last time to make sure that it did not completely die in the meantime, and it can still boot to the windows repair menu so there is still life in it.

I'm not sure what my next step should be, I've decided not to mess with it anymore until I figure out what to do. Any help is appreciated.

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