Feasible to recover deleted messages from a Moto G5 Plus from roughly 2 . 5 in years past? I stopped using it 2 years ago and it has been sitting down in my drawer

admin 15 Jun , 2022 0 Comments data recovery

I have some text messages I need to recover for a courtroom case. I need to show the particular contents of the message as well as the time they were deleted with. Long story short, someone knew I had incriminating emails on there of them and chose to snoop on my mobile phone and delete them (He saw my passcode by hovering over me multiple times)

I found this out later because he bragged to someone that he got away with snooping on my phone and deleted the messages. That individual is willing to be a witness in court, but it would help if I can show the court that the messages were delted.

Edit: The messages were deleted in October 2019 and I stopped using that phone in December 2019 and have still left it sitting in my cabinet.

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