File accidentally replaced on Citrix using Windows desktop PC. Is the file recoverable?

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So my dad is working from home and has been doing his work on a work desktop PC through a workspace program called Citrix.

Found out this morning that my dad had accidentally replaced the file he was working on with a new blank file. This new blank file has the same name as his original file. Properties of the new file is also showing its creation and modified time/date as the time of the creation of the new file.

There is no undo option available; I also tried Windows + Z with the file open, didn't work.

So far I have been unable to find the file in AppData, unable to find it in the Recover unsaved documents option (or folder location), there are no files showing in the file's restore previous versions option.

Have yet to try any recovery based third-party applications.

Is it possible to recover the replaced file? If so, any recommended applications? Preferably free if possible.

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