Files lost from desktop while backing up with OneDrive

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Hello, I am trying to recover some files that I lost from my hard drive. The text below describes the problem. I am reposting the text from a post I made on r/computerforensics. A community post in that subreddit recommended that I check out for solutions here. If you have any feedback about how I can solve the data loss problem described below I would love to hear it. Thanks!


Hello. A year and a half ago I was backing up my computer using OneDrive, and once I reached the point to back up my desktop OneDrive did not have enough space to save the files. During the process an error message from OneDrive came up, I accidentally closed it, and I ended up deleting some important Microsoft Word documents from my desktop (and laptop). I checked the recycle bin and the files are not there.

I tried using the free version of the data recovery software "Recuva", but I could not find or recover the files in this way. Is there any advice you can give that will help me recover it? Would the paid version of "Recuva" perform this recovery any better?

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 15 3537 with a Samsung SSD 850 EVO 500 GB hard drive and Windows 10 installed on it. The computer and hard drive are fully functional.

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