Folder of dead pets pictures has gone missing on two separate forces

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Hey guys. As the title says, the folder containing all the images of my dead pets offers disappeared, both on my inner HDD and on my external HARD DRIVE. I have no idea what happened to them. Dont really know how I would have accidentally deleted the same folder on two separate drives, when I didn’t mean to delete even one, especially given that they’d be open in different explorer windows.

The internal drive is a 1To Toshiba (DT01ACA100) and the external one is the 2To My Passport Western Digital drive.

I have tried Recuva and GetDataBack, but none could find anything. Not the folder nor the files that were inside. The drives are usually otherwise working completely fine, nothing else is missing. Sadly this happened somewhen during the last month, so the internal drive is pretty much going to have had things written over. The external one, however , is only utilized when I back stuff up on it manually, so maybe?

I also checked with regard to hidden folders, searched my additional internal drives for them with brands, checked the public user folder, temp folders,…

I’m pretty desperate here. I believed the pictures were safe within two separate places, so I have no them anywhere else. I’ll be contacting a data recovery place on monday when it’s open again yet I don’t know if I’ll have the ability to afford it, so I’d encouraged any idea, thanks!

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